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Jhustin's vision and ministry mission

We share God’s everlasting love and free gift of salvation worldwide through music and preaching, For everyone out there in the world who listens to his message, Jhustin Hall serves up a musical invitation for you to stand strong in the presence of God. Finally let go of all the worry that is beating you down. Spend time with your loved ones while finding faith and strength. He looks forward and realizes that “I want to continue to write songs and books that will draw people to Christ and out of isolation and depression. I want to encourage people to stay looking up towards Heaven.”

Member only benefits:

• Gain access to exclusive media content not shared anywhere else

• Opportunity to participate in members only events such meet and greets online and in person

• Compete with fellow members in contests including trivia, random drawings, and Bible quizzes for special prizes including CDs, books, personal phone calls or video chats

• Receive closer communications with Jhustin and his team, request prayer, acquire advanced notice of tours, upcoming music releases and other advanced news

• Enjoy personal messages and handwritten signatures on book and CD purchases

• Experience direct inspirational messages from Jhustin to members

• Discover insider facts about Jhustin, his life and his ministry outreach

• Obtain Fan Club news/announcements and newsletters

• Contribute input into possible future members benefits

Requirements to join:

• Hold Christian values in high esteem

• Seek to treat other members of the club with respect

• Interact with the fan community

• Provide your input when asked

• Pray for Jhustin, his ministry and his staff

• Volunteer in some capacity if you feel led by the Lord to do so

What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

• Once you submit your membership application, it will be sent to the Jhustin Hall management team for review

• When we determine that you meet all the requirements to join, you will be granted access to the Jhustin Hall Fan Club Members Only page here at

• You will be sent a welcome email notifying you of your acceptance

• We consider it a honor and privilege for you to take part in the ministry and welcome your interaction

• We hope you return to the Fan Club Member page often as content will change with new events and opportunities for you to take part in and experience

• Maintain your membership in good standing to remain a Fan Club member